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Kim Kardashian Steps Out In Fur-lined Shoes | Thecelebritycafe.com

Yes, rabbit fur. People reports that the shoes are by designer Celine and they can't be found online. Check out Kim Ks Rabbit fur-lined strappy heels by Celine..... #heels #BugsBunny http://t.co/MuKZITq2UE pic.twitter.com/Tv69CfVun9 Qtip Morning Show (@QtipMorningShow) December 19, 2014 The clothing choice will definitely upset animal-rights activists, who have criticized the Kardashian klan's wearing of fur in the past. However, People points out that that perspiring feet would cause the fur to smell, creating a fashion nightmare. The Daily Mail labeled the shoe choice bizarre, and we have to agree. Photographs show unsightly hair sticking out around her toes, making it look like she stepped on a rabbit. Kim Kardashian Walked on Tufts of Rabbit Fur http://t.co/6xufckjmXf it looks like she stepped on a bunny :( Anne Treasure (@annetreasure) December 19, 2014 In the end, the odd shoe choice got Kardashian the attention she craves, so mission accomplished. But all the attention wasn't good.
Full story: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2014/12/kim-kardashian-steps-out-fur-lined-shoes

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